Cevdet ranks 3rd in Turkchess Autumn Tournament '2000

It was autumn 2000. Turkchess, Turkey's most visited and famous chess site on the net was organizing a tournament. It was a 2 min blitz tournament which was open to all chess players of Turkey. I did join this competition too. I did not have a lot of trouble in the 1st Round Group, so I had a great hope, excitement and happiness before the 2nd Round games. However, after the 2nd round drawings, my excitement and happiness to join this tournament was replaced with some concerns. What a group it was! Yes, to speak honestly, our group was the toughest of all. For example, in our group, we had Metin Asilkefeli; chess champion of Samsun city. He was a famous Turkish chess master with a 2100+ ELO and he was ranking 72nd in Turkey. Furthermore, he had many victories against many masters during his wonderful career. Then, we had Recep Taskiran who was also a very strong and titled player. He had earned many chess trophies and awards in previous competitions. After that, we had Bahadir Barutcu, again a titled player who had won a few chess trophies and awards in various tournaments. Moreover, he was also an experienced tournament player. Well, the 2nd Round of tournament had finally started under this atmosphere... Metin Asilkefeli was leading our group with a clear point difference. Recep Taskiran, Bahadýr Barutcu and I was following him with equal points. But, Metin Asilkefeli had to leave the tournament because of his some unexpected problems. So, a great chance for three of us (Recep Taskiran, Bahadir Barutcu and I) was created and we all went through the Final Round! This meant that I now had the chance to play in the final group which had 4 players!  Actually, two of these players were pretty familiar to me - Recep and Bahadýr. They were in the same group with me in the 2nd round as I have mentioned and now we were to face again for the last time in final four. By the way, the last (4th) player in the final group was Bora Altinordu who was also a strong player. On the other hand, he was not so experienced at that time and because his second round  group was not as hard as our group, he was not so well prepared for the final duel. Anyway, the games of final group had started and I was really going on very well. But, then I lost to a match to Recep Taskiran although I was usually able to beat him in 2 min blitz games. That was really a bad luck for me and unfortunately had some negative psychological effects. As a change for the worse, in my last game, I lost against Bahadir Barutcu and ranked 3rd instead of ranking 1st in this tournament. If I could win that last game against Bahadir Barutcu, I was going to rank 1st. However, after this loss of me, Recep Taskiran had ranked 1st and Bahadir Barutcu had ranked 2nd (we had equal points, but Bahadir passed me with tie-breaker) while Bora Altinordu was ranking 4th. As a result of my 3rd place in this competition, I was given this colorful and interesting chess trophy that you can see above. It's definitely a nice trophy, but whenever I look at it, I always remember my loss of champion title in the last game.