Cevdet Kızıl ranks 3rd in Turkchess Super Blitz League

Turkchess, Turkey's most visited and famous chess site was organizing a big event; "Turkchess Super Blitz League". This great league was open to any chess player around Turkey and the games would be played on 2 min blitz. Also, there were 23 players registered for Turkchess Super Blitz League who were mostly famous chess players.  To speak honestly, my goal at the beginning of the tournament was to rank in first five since the competition was really full of very strong players as I have mentioned before. However I had made a very good start to the tournament, I was winning and winning... Especially I was playing well with the white pieces so after some certain point, I did realize that I was one of the candidates for the champion title. Well, the tournament, this great league had continued for a very long time and there were even delays , change of rules and new strong players joining the tournament during that time. To tell you the truth, this competition was one of the hardest tournaments of my life. However, the latest scenario was wonderful for me. After very tiring and tough games, I was able to do much better than expected. When the tournament had been finalized, chess champion of Samsun city, one of the most famous masters of Turkey, Metin Kefeli who was ranking 72nd in Turkey with a 2100+ ELO gained the champion title of this tournament. Saim Can Bayır, chess champion of Mersin ranked 2nd and I ranked 3rd. As a result, for my 3rd place, I was awarded the plaque you can see above. It was really a very nice looking plaque with the Turkchess logo on it. But, more important for me than this plaque was that, because of ranking 3rd in the mentioned tournament, I had the right to play for Turkey in the next international tournament which would be organized by Turkchess.