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Introduction :



  In this section I will tell you some about my chess career. My real name is Cevdet Kizil, I am from Turkey, Istanbul. I am known as "ZOR_Cevdet" , "The Head Zor" or "The Legendary Cevdet Kizil" on the chess servers. Just as many know, I have played more than 70.000 games on only MSN Gaming Zone. I am a ZOR International Master (2100+ rated for 1min games). I usually win by the help of my super speed which makes me called as the "Son of Flash". I can really make very good moves in a very short time (Record: 37 moves in 0 seconds) which enables me to check mate some players in 0 seconds. Sometimes, this causes other chess players calling me a program and cheater, because it seems unbelievable and impossible for them. Also, there are many people who copy my name and nick on the chess servers. They tell others that they are me, then they cheat on them to make people hate me. On the other hand, it's sure that this super speed is a gift from God. I will mention my internet chess career in detail soon, now I am going to focus on my steps to the world of chess...

   I started playing chess when I was 9, by chance. It was my mathematics teacher who taught me playing chess in the elementary school. At first, being beaten by him and his two sons had became a habit for me. But later, after descovering the beauty and logic of the game, I started to win which made me much more interested in chess. Later, after becoming a struggle lover player; we started to organize tournaments amongst four of us. Chess was really becoming a real friend for me now. Especially there is a day from those times that I can never forget... It is the day I beat one of my teacher's sons in a very short time who was always defeating me. I can still remember my teaching saying "How did the game finish so fast?" while looking at the chess board in amazement after he entered the room :)

     After, I continued to play chess in the secondary school. I was playing in the school's chess club and chess was still so much fun. But, some events happened which made me stop playing chess for a while. The main events, maybe I have to say problems, were that I was beating students who were older than me. Especially, I will never forget a day which I had beat a student who was going to graduate from high school when I was a student in Prep Class. I had beat him in the school's official tournament. But he said to me: "Never think to report your win to the coach. I will give you some money now so that you will tell the coach that I beat you. Otherwise my friends will make fun of me because I lost against you, someone who is much younger than me. Understand? If not, I will hit you so bad after the school day is over". But, I refused the money and told the coach truth, that I had beat him. So, just like he said, his friends made fun of him and just like he said, he hit me so bad after school :( This kind of things started to happen regularly, so I gave up playing chess until high school. In high school, chess started again for me, just like from the beginning. We were escaping from conferences and lessons, but we were playing chess. But this time bets were talking. We were having bets like "Loser pays the lunch". So, I am still remembering the delicious hamburgers, toasts and cool Coca Cola's from those days :) I had a large number of lunch meals without paying a penny in these days :) There are still some immortal days from those times. As an example; once me and a friend had escaped from the conference room and we directly went to the chess room... We started to play, after a few games the door opened and it was the pincipal! He approached our table and looked to us (meanwhile, we thought that this time it was our end), then said : "If you are playing chess, that's ok... You can continue the game". After these words, he left... But we were shocked, because he was someone very strict and we couldn't understand how he didn't mind this. Another nice memory of me from the high school is a conversation between two of my friends who had both lost against me the same day (Naturally they brought me hamburgers, toasts and cokes at the same time), one of them was saying to the other beside the chess board : "Yes, I know that tactic. He beat me with this tactic too" :) Of course I have some unpleasurable memories too. The worst of them is that I was selected for the school team in High School, but was later sacked from the team because I was not attending to the practices (My grades were not so well at that time and the practices were during the lessons. They were coming to take me to the practices from the lessons, but I was not going... Because; if I would not attend the lessons, I knew that I would fail and lose a year (my high school was one of the hardest in Turkey), so I refused and was sacked).

    Then, in these days you couldn't say anything about the existence of the internet. So, this was really boring when I was alone. As a result, there was only one way... I taught the game to my friends nearby, around my house and street, that you call as neighours. I was teaching and creating opponents for myself. Of course, because I was their chess coach, it was impossible for them to beat me. At the beginning, this seemed a lot fun, because I was beating and beating, days were following each other by my winning streaks that made me being called as "never-losing chess hero" & "Kasparov Cevdet" nearby. I can still remember my friends saying: "Capturing a pawn is really one of the easiest things on the chess board, however, it may become much more difficult if its one of the pawns of Cevdet". LOL! I was really proud of myself and in such a small chess world, I was imagining myself as a World Champion :) We were organizing tournaments and I was always the winner. On the other hand, today is much more diffirent. We have established a chess club for organizing tournaments, we organize tournaments with prizes for the  first 3 (that is usually chess cups), we have some titled players in the club and much more players to join the tournaments. So, players are of course stronger, but I think my winning the championship title for 10 years in a row is a good evidence that there were not much strong players playing in our Hasbahce Chess Club in these years; however we have some strong titled players and some international players today. Plus, Hasbahçe Chess Club Champions now change every year.

     After my introduction to internet chess, I realized that I was far away from being a strong player. There were really very strong players worldwide. I can easily remember that my rating was maximum 1850 in my first 6 months on MSN Gaming Zone. At first, I was always playing those 20 min standard games and watching those 1min blitz players was like a dream. How fast they were... How so good moves in seconds, they were like masters who had reached to the maximum degree. I was always talking to myself: "This is impossible, I can never play these 1min games". But time talks! It seemed fun and I was getting better and better every game in this 1min blitz. My online chess friends were saying: "You are really successful in this 1min blitz". After 2 or 3 months, I had became a very strong 1min blitz player that I could never imagine. I was getting game offers from many players and they were really failing in hiding their amazements. During the end of 1998, I became a 1min blitz master who had no mistakes, was very fast and extremely hard to beat. Despite all of my great efforts, I ended up the 1998 season as runner-up (2nd). I was really very upset. All of my efforts were for nothing. I had decided to give up playing chess. But something happened which was a shock for the whole Zone. MSN Gaming Zone announced that 1998 Zone Chess Champion _Framb was a cheater and it was determined that _Framb had gained his Championship title by cheating. So, MSN Gaming Zone announced that I had to become the new Zone World Champion for 1998. That let me winning the "1998 MSN Gaming Zone World Chess Champion" title when I was 18 years old.



My most prestigious awarded titles are :


"World Champion" - zone.com (1998)

"Champion" title - playsite.com

"Master" title - playsite.com

"Master" title - pogo.com

"Expert" title - pogo.com




My wins against famous players on internet and at real time (official) events:

        - Turkish players that I beat

Maleman0 (2400+) (I have to keep his name as secret, cause I promised him so)

metin_k (2200+) (Former chess champion of Samsun City, Metin Asılkefeli, 2100+ ELO, ranks 72th in Turkey)

Zor_Betul (2100+) (Turkish National Team player, Betül Cemre Yıldız)

_recep154 (2000+) (Bosphorus University Chess Team player , Recep Taşkıran)

Chess_Karga (2000+) (Former Chess Champion of Antalya City, Fatih Yakıt)

Cetmut (Zor_Dostum) (2000+) (Former Chess Champion of Bolu City, Çetin Mutlu) (Chess_Utopia)

ZOR_Emrah (2000+) (Emrah Yıldız)

TURKGUCU (2000+) ( Former 3rd of Bursa City)

egechess (Zor_Ege) (2000+)

ZOR_Bora (Bora Altınordu, 1900+) (1700 + UKD, strong player with many chess awards and degrees)

_Braincell (1900+) (Bahadır Barutcu, strong chess player with many chess awards and degrees)

ZOR_Can89 (1900+) (Refik Can Bayrakçı, AXA Oyak Chess Tournament Quarter-Finalist)

Zor_Ertan (1900+) (Ertan Derinay, Founder - Izmit Chess Club)

ZOR_Gurkan (1800+) (Chess Champion of I.V.M.K.A High School, Gürkan Ekin)

        - International players that I beat

_ Hugo_ (2600+, GM)

Mystery_Chess (2600+, GM)

Chesscoop (2500+, GM)

hail_the_chimp (2500+, GM)

Just_Perfect (2450+ USA GM)

GM_Hart (2350+ USA IM)

The_Great_Swami (2300+, IM)

Dini_0 ( 2300+, Belgium IM) (iamtoostrong)

Scorpion121 (2300+, IM)

Busy_Badger (2300+,Denmark FM)

Cantbebeaten (2250+, USA FM)

fiend22 (2250+)

I_Spy (2200+)

tha_ranger (2200+)

patrimi (2200+)

dmlarge (2200+)

Zor_Chloe (2200+)

_NIN (2200+)

Smoke_N (2200+)

raspberryman (2150+)

Louisana (2150+)

IM_Sergio (IM,Spain) (2100+)

Wite_Wabitt (2100+)

DMMG (2100+)

bosse (2100+)

Zor_luchi (2100+)

Branston (2100+)

Karloff43 (2100+)

ZOR_METEOR (2100+)

Graf_Serega (Zor_Demo) (2100+)

_PeterPan (2100+)

gma (2100+)

Shnitzerling (2100+)

Raretreakers (2100+)

only_1min_pls (2100+)

jumagoya (2100+)

hristo_fr1 (2100+).


gonenuts (2000+) (Former MSN Zone World Chess Champion - unoffical ones)

David_46 (2000+, USA FM)

gmk2 (2000+)

ACT_Zorro3012 (2000+)

Certek (2000+)

Rice_Bean (2000+)

ANGRYJK52 (2000+)

ggti (2000+)

Okey_Do_Key (2000+)


Keena6 (2000+)

gbpottery (2000+)

Judy_589 (2000+)

leonb (2000+)

Karpovian (2000+)

a08154711 (2000+)

Maitre (2000+)

Ciro_Pertusi (2000+)

Golden_Bullocks (Zor_Tom) (2000+)

MANILA (2000+)

AUROY (2000+)

__Bonjourno (2000+)

_BARNIALJO (2000+)

KingSac (2000+)




My wins against famous chess programs & chess computers:

        - Chess Programs

Nero 5

Arasan 2.2

Nimzo 8


Deepest Jester


        - Chess Computers

Pocket PC





My years in ZORteam :


  By the way, in 1999 ; me, ZORizzet (his name must be kept as secret) and ZOR_Ridvan (Rıdvan Kayacı ; PC Life, PC World and PC Net computer magazines editor) established ZORteam. ZORteam would be our chess clan. At first, there were three of us. ZORizzet was the clan leader (chairman) and I was the 2nd leader (vice chairman). After 12 months; because our clan was refusing all kinds of discrimination (age, sex, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, education, language, rating...etc) , we became very popular. That was the main factor of ZORteam's rapid improvement. We were accepting anyone but not cheaters. Then, we were showing great respect to all members. Now we have 230 + members from 33 countries worldwide. Many famous chess players joined the ZORteam.

   So, after ZORteam had many members from many countries worldwide, we faced a management problem. Things were never easy now. So, I was selected as the new ZORteam Chairman by the ZORteam Council. During my chairmanship years, ZORteam became much more popular, one of the strongest chess clans worlwide, like an empire. As a result of this, MSN Gaming Zone congratulated ZORteam and me. Then, ZORteam became a news on Microsoft website. Also, ZORteam became a news in a computer magazine. All these made me the chairman who is loved most through the ZORteam history. So, I was selected as the "ZORteam Legendary Chairman" in late 2000. Thus, ZORMaster (Arline Taffijn, Holland) and zorxz (Art Grenier, USA) were assigned as the new ZORteam chairmen.




Titles I have won in the ZORteam according to my playing strength are:


"ZOR International Master" - After highering my rating over 2100 - Semptember 2000

"ZOR Master" - After beating IstShirt in Phantom Mystery Tournament final with a score of  2:1, -15.10.1999

"ZORteam Candidate Master" - After beating zor_ranger 7:4

"ZORteam Expert Player"




During my MSN Gaming  Zone career, I received offers from some other chess clans like:



chess (USA)

_checkmate (USA)

RAGE (Sweden)

Nordic (Norway)

     ...and I played a while for KLAS_Team (Turkey). As I said many times before, because I am very busy now when compared to previous years, its now impossible for me to play or become the chairman for any chess clans.




After that, I have some degrees in Zone tournaments. These are:


Phantom Mystery Tournament (1 time champion, 2 times second place)

Tournament of Dragons (1 time champion)

Chesslogic Tournament (1 time champion)

Jeuez Des Echecs (2 times champion, 3 times second place)

Dounderella's Chess Tournament (1 time champion, 1 time second place, 1 time third place)

Zone Tournament of Champions '1999 (second place)




Through my chess career, I also gained some awards (cups, plaques, certificates...etc). These are:

Hasbahçe Chess Cup '2000 (champion) - Hasbahçe Chess Tournament '2000 (Turkey)

Hasbahçe Rıfat Demir Tournament Cup (champion) - Hasbahçe Rıfat Demir Tournament (Turkey)

Hasbahçe New Year Cup (2nd place) - Hasbahçe New Year Tournament (Turkey)

Hasbahçe Blitz Cup (2nd place) - Hasbahçe Blitz Tournament (Turkey)

Hasbahçe Chess Championship '2002 Certificate (2nd place) - Hasbahçe Chess Championship '2002 (Turkey)


Turkchess Chess Cup '2000 (champion) - Turkchess Chess Tournament '2000 (Turkey)

Turkchess Autumn Chess Cup (3rd place) - Turkchess Autumn Chess Tournament (Turkey)

Turkchess Super Blitz Plaque (3rd place) - Turkchess Super Blitz League (Turkey)


Chessvista Superior Success Certificate (3rd place) - Chessvista Super Blitz League (Turkey)


Excellence in Chess Cup (champion) - "Excellence in Chess" Tournament (USA)

Exceptional Skill & Speed Cup (champion) - "Exceptional Skill & Speed" Tournament (USA)


The Progressive Thought Certificate (3rd place) - The Progressive Thought Tournament (International)

The Blitz Kings Certificate (3rd place) - The Blitz Kings Tournament (International)




My Administrative Career of Chess :


Administrator, Turksatranc - since 2001

Legendary Chairman, ZORteam - since late 2000

Chairman, ZORteam - 2000

Vice Chairman, ZORteam (1999 - 2000)

Chairman, Hasbahçe Chess Club - since 1998

Tournaments Administrator, cevdetchess - since 1998

Tournaments Administrator, Hasbahçe Chess Club - since 1998

Tournaments Administrator, Turkchess (satranc.org) (1998 - 2001)




My Teaching Career of Chess :


Trainer, Hasbahçe Chess Club - since 1998




My Editorial Career of Chess :


Editor, cevdetchess - since 1998

Editor, Turkchess (satranc.org) (1998 - 2001)




My Game Style :


        If we talk about my game style, I think many of you have an idea about that subject. I love playing 1 and 2 min blitz games, but especially 1min blitz. I play very fast and I can make very good moves in 0 seconds. I am a complete attacker who is a complete struggle lover. I fight from the beginning to the end of the game. I am also an extremely aggresssive player, you can find that in my attacking style. Of course, my extremely aggressive and attacking style sometimes causes me a big trouble. Although sometimes I  can force very early mates and I can force my opponents to resign in the beginning of the game, I can also sometimes fall into the same trap. I think that is the cost of being romantic and too brave in the chess game. Then, I prefer short style. My favourite openings are Italian and Spanish. I especially use the knights very well. I always play calm and with a non-ending hope. Against my opponents who attempt to use their queens early in the beginning of the game, I must admit that I have a % 90 winning probabilty. That is never changing for years. I am also famous with my sudden and hidden mates that are causing sudden and shocking deaths to my opponents. After that, if I even gain a very minor advantage at the beginning of the game, that can be an either  positional or a material advantage, it becomes too hard for my opponents to finish the game with a win against me. On the other hand, if I am down in the beginning of the game with a positional or a material disadvantage; then it's sometimes becoming  hard for me to finish the game with success. Another thing about myself which turns me mad is that my extremely aggresive style sometimes creates a vulnarable king and weak defense, if the attack of my opponent against my castled king is really strong and working with patience and a perfect plan; my king sometimes stocks up there and everything turns out to be a nightmare. Despite all of these disadvantages; my strength, speed and experience in 1min blitz games makes me a tough opponent. So, if someone is gonna beat me in 1min blitz, it will never be easy.