Cevdet KIZIL ranks 3rd in Chessvista Super Blitz League

It was Autumn of 2001. Chessvista was organizing a 1 min. blitz chess tournarnament. Because I was very busy during these days, at first I was not sure if I had to join... But later, I decided that it would be better for me to join despite everything, so I found myself in.

There were 10 players taking place in the tournament since 1 min. blitz tournaments are usually for masters who can make very good moves in a very short time. As a result, all of the players who were taking place in the tournament were almost titled players that had gained many successes, chess trophies and plaques in the previous tournaments. The players were decided to play in two separate groups of five players each. They would play against each other two times, once with white and once with the black pieces... Top 2 of each group would qualify for the semi finals which was called as the Final-Four Group. The players ranking first three in this mortal group (Final-Four Group) would be awarded with Chessvista Certificates.

So, now the drawings had to be made for determining the players in each group... After the drawings, I was really stressed and scared, because I was placed in the toughest group (Group B). My first opponent was Metin Asılkefeli (a chess player who had won the chess championships of Samsun city several times and was ranking 72nd in Turkey with his 2100+ ELO). My another opponent was Gürkan Ekin (who had won the chess championships of I.V.M.K.A High School several times, had ranked 3rd in Hasbahce Rıfat Demir Tournament, had ranked 1st in Hasbahce New Year Tournament and who was a regular player of AXA Oyak tournaments). Also, Bora Altınordu (Hasbahçe Rıfat Demir Tournament, 2nd place - Hasbahçe New Year Tournament, 3rd place) was in our group. Then, Batuhan Aksoy who was a young and not that experienced player was also taking a place in our group. He was the only player in our group who was not titled.

Under this atmosphere, the tournament started... My first match was against Batuhan Aksoy. I was playing with the white pieces and I was much more experienced compared to that young player, so I did beat him easily. For my next match, I did beat Bora Altınordu with the black pieces! This was very motivating for me, because I had beat such a strong player like Bora Altınordu with the black pieces. On the other hand, he was affected really negatively by losing this game. The reason is that, I was one of his most important opponents. The way to top 2 was passing from beating me!  Then, I played against the great master, Metin Asılkefeli, but lost the game. This was mainly because I was playing with the black pieces. The next match of mine was against Gürkan Ekin. He did his best and did not give up until the end of the game, but I was not there to lose a point, so I won the match. Actually I had to win this game since I was playing with the whites. So, the first half games of the league were over and I had 3 points in 4 games. Then the second half games started. First, I did again beat Batuhan Aksoy, this time with the black pieces. It was not very difficult, because as I had said before, Batuhan Aksoy did not have the necessary experience that was a must for such kind of tournaments. Then, I did beat Bora Altınordu who had lost all of his motivation after the shocking loses. For my next game, I did beat the chess legend Metin Asılkefeli, who is also called as the super master. Actually I could beat him very difficultly, but a win is a win; isn't it? :) Now, I was very proud of myself because of beating a player who had won the chess champion title of Samsun city several times and who was ranking 72nd in Turkey with his 2100+ ELO. This was very motivating for me! After that, I did beat Gürkan Ekin, this time with the black pieces. So, that was the end of my games in Group B. I was ranking 1st together with Metin Asılkefeli in my group, we both had 7 points. Then, Gürkan Ekin and Bora Altınordu were following us with 3 points, and Batuhan Aksoy was left behind with 0 points. 7 points in 8 games was enough for my qualification for the Final-Four Group and I was really happy. Group A with the players Recep Taşkıran, Bahadır Barutçu, Cem Berk, Hakan Hiçdönmez and Can Bayrakçı was over too. Recep Taşkıran and Bahadır Barutçu had qualified for the Final-Four Group with 6 points each. Hakan Hiçdönmez (a very strong Turkish 1 min. player) , Cem Berk (several times chess champion of Adile Mermerci Anatolian High School, 2nd rank in Turkchess Tournament '2000) and Can Bayrakçı (AXA Oyak Tournament Quarter-Finalist, Hasbahçe Blitz Tournament - 3rd place) were eleminated. Speaking for the Final-Four Group, it would definitely be much more difficult. Because Recep Taşkıran, Bahadır Barutçu and Metin Asılkefeli were now in the same group with me and we were all titled players.

The Final-Four games started with my game against Bahadır Barutçu (Turkchess Autumn Tournament runner-up) with the black pieces. I knew it would be very hard, and yes it was... But I did succeed to beat Bahadır Barutçu with the black pieces. However, looking from his perspective, he had missed the opportunity of winning against me with white pieces. Then, for my next game, I did beat Recep Taşkıran (the chess champion of Turkchess Autumn Tournament, runner-up of Turkchess Standard League) again with the black pieces! Everything was so fine until that point! I had 2 points in my first 2 games despite the fact that I had black pieces in both of these two games. But, my next game was scaring me, because I was again playing against the great master, Metin Asılkefeli. I had the white pieces and I did my best to win. However, Metin Asılkefeli was remembering his loss against me in the last game so he was fighting hard for revenge. As a result, he did beat me although he was playing with the black pieces. So, the first half games of Final-Four Group were over and it could be considered as a good result for me with my 2 points in 3 games. The second half started immediately. My opponent was again Bahadır Barutçu. He had lost all of his games until this match and his last hope was winning against me. Otherwise, the tournament would end here for him and his dreams would be over. So, he did his best to win with the blacks... But, playing with blacks against me was a big disadvantage for him, also he was under too much pressure because of his need of a point. His 0 points in 3 games was also a great dismotivating factor and a real weakness. The sum of all these was showing a win for me. As expected, Bahadır Barutçu experienced another loss at the end of our match and now he had 0 points in 4 games. For the next game, I was playing against Recep Taşkıran with the white pieces... At the beginning of the match, everything was going fine and I was winning, the advantages were all for me. But, with a sudden mistake, I dropped my queen. Recep Taşkıran who was one of the greatest masters did not forgive my mistake. He succeed to beat me with his black pieces. Then, my last match in the Final-four Group was against Metin Asılkefeli. If I would win that match, Metin Asılkfeli, Recep Taşkıran and me, we were all going to have 4 points and the tournament would go on with a new league between three of us. I could win, but Metin Asılkefeli had the white pieces and he played very well and did beat me. As a result, I ranked 3rd with my 3 points in 6 games. Recep Taşkıran ranked 2nd with his 4 points and Metin Asılkefeli ranked 1st with his 5 points. Bahadır Barutçu, who was also a titled player like us could not do anything in such a strong group and he paid it well with his 0 points in 6 games. Finally, my 3 points were enough to let me win the chess certificate above :)