Cevdet Kizil, "Excellence in Chess Cup" Winner

In the year 2000, _Turkishgirl (I can't tell her real name since I promised), Zone's strongest woman chess player from Turkey invited me to a special tournament. She said that she was organizing a tournament called "Excellence in Chess" and she wanted me to join. However, there was something very interesting about that tournament... I was the only one invited! _Turkishgirl had explained the reason as : "I would like to beat a legendary blitz player like you and I am sure I will do it, me vs you and that's it". I told her that I would like to play, but the chess trophy or any other award was not really neccessary. However, she did not accept my offer and said : "This is a big chance for me to be able to play against such a legend like you, so I am honored. Thus, if will you play, you deserve to earn the chess trophy because you will spend your time for me." As a result, it seemed that the tournament was going to be played. It was on 2 min. blitz. _Turkishgirl was known as a really strong and smart player by everyone in Zone. But, I could never imagine that she would play so good and strong in that tournament. She was very determined! At the beginning of Excellence in Chess Cup, I made it 1-0, then she did it 1-1, after I did it 2-1, and she did it 2-2. There was one final match remaining. The tournament would finish at 3, so the winner of the last game was going to win the tournament since we both had 2 points. _Turkishgirl was tough again in our final match and she had the advantage through the game. On the other hand, since she was not as fast as me, she lost on time and I was now the winner of the competition with a score of 3-2. What a tournament it was! I can still not forget it! Turkishgirl awarded me the chess trophy you can see above. To speak honestly, this trophy standing in my room will always have a special meaning for me... It's the best gift I got after winning a chess tournament! It always reminds me a very good friend who had played exciting and struggling games against me for hours! Excellence in Chess Cup trophy also makes me remember one of the strongest woman chess players I have ever played. Thus, I will keep this chess trophy forever!