"Hasbahce Blitz Tournament" runner-up Cevdet KIZIL

It was the spring of 2001... Hasbahçe Chess Club was organizing a rapid tournament and games would be played on 5min blitz. The competition was also an international tournament and chess players from Argentina and Mexico were invited to compete. AXA Oyak Chess Tournament Quarter-Finalist Can Bayrakci, Bolu City Chess Champion Cetin Mutlu, chess coach Metin Dagdelen and Istek Mustafa Kemal Ataturk High School Chess Champion - Captain Gurkan Ekin were among the important players. Other players were not considered to be very strong, but everyone also knew that they were always dangerous. Then, first round groups were drawn and I was taking place in a very difficult group. Gurkan Ekin, Can Bayrakci and the Argentinian player Ruben Sousa were in my group. However, fortunately I had made a very good start to the tournament and had beat Ruben Sousa on time. For sure, I had the material and positional advantage too. The fact that I was also superior in terms of time and speed had seriously highered my morale. After that, I was able to beat Gurkan Ekin who was really having a terrible time in such a difficult group. Next, I could beat Can Bayrakci after a very difficult game. To speak honestly, he had the advantage in the middlegame, but was not as strong as me in the endgame. By using my knight very good at the end of the game, I was able to welcome the victory. As the tournament progressed, things were going better and better for me and I could beat these players once more in the return matches. Thus, I did rank 1st in the group by winning all of my games. To tell you the truth, I was feeling very lucky to survive from such a difficult group which was called by others as the "League of Hell". Following my 1st round success, in the semi-finals, I was successful against Metin Dağdelen, the chess coach wih a clear score ; 2-0. This incident was telling a good news that I was now in the final. Now, speaking for the final games, I tried my best, but Cetin Mutlu, the chess champion of Bolu city was always finding a way to win. His games and style were full of traps so I had lost the final with an overall score of 0-2. The last results said that Cetin Mutlu was first, I was second and Can Bayrakci was third in Hasbahce Blitz Tournament.