"Exceptional Skill & Speed Cup" Winner Cevdet Kizil

The calendars were showing the year 2000. I was enjoying my good matches with my 2000+ rating. But it had been a long time since my last tournament, so I was indeed missing a new competition. Something happened which made me very happy while I was thinking of this...

It was _Turkishgirl (I can not provide her real name since I promised her.), the strongest Turkish woman chess player of Zone. She was inviting me to a new tournament. After my victory of 3:2 against her in  "Excellence in Chess Tournament", now she was back for a revenge :) This time, she was sure that she would beat me. Before the tournament, she had said : "The legendary player will be gone forever". I would love to play against her in such an exciting tournament, our games were always full of fun and competition, Furthermore, our matches were full of core bet too! So, I accepted her offer to face me in a new tournament. The games would be on 2 min. blitz and the player who would have more wins in 60 games was going to win the tournament. That was again ok for me.

 _Turkishgirl was determined... Actually, she was always very motivated during our tournament matches. But this time she had returned much stronger. Our games were again very exciting and full of struggle. I did beat her 31-27 at the end of the tournament, but it was very hard for me! She had played better indeed. However, she was not as fast as me like millions of players, so as being one of the fastest players in the world, I used my ability and did beat her with my super speed. She would always wonder about my super speed by saying : "One day, I will watch you playing, I can't understand how you are so fast, will you teach it to me one day?". As a result of my win, she sent me that wonderful chess trophy above. It's really big in size, isn't it? :) By the way, this trophy is one of the most fantastic awards I got after winning a tournament. For sure, I will keep it forever!