Cevdet ; "Turkchess Tournament '2000" Champion

In the summer of year 2000 , Turkey's most visited and famous chess site, Turkchess was organizing a tournament. It was called "Turkchess Tournament '2000" and was open to all chess players from Turkey. The founder of Turkchess ; Çağdaş Karanfil, granted my petition to join the tournament, so I was in! It was a 10min blitz tournament. Tournament started with many players and some of them were really very strong. In the 1st round groups, I was able to pass Saim Can Bayır, chess champion of Mersin city. Then I succeeded to pass Gurkan Ekin, chess champion and captain of Istek Mustafa Kemal Ataturk High School. So I found myself in the second round after ranking 1st in my group. Gurkan Ekin was in the 2nd round too since he was the runner-up of our group. Group B's leader was Cem Berk, Adile Mermerci Anatolian High School champion and captain. For sure, he was a very tough player and a nightmare for many chess players. He was able to beat Chessmaster 8000 and drew a game against one of the famous chess masters of Turkey, Hakan Erdoğan in a simultaneous match. Concerning Turkchess Tournament 2000, Cem Berk had ranked first in Group B by winning all his games clearly. None of his opponents was even close to a win. After that, in the semi finals, he beat our group's (Group A) 2nd ranked player, Gurkan Ekin with a clear score again... 4:0. Then, he beat Çetin Mutlu, chess champion of Bolu city. So, he had his name in the final. On the other hand, I had many difficulties before reaching the final round. Because I had eleminated both of my opponents 2:1 in the quarter and semi-finals. However, although it had been very hard for me, I had the chance to play in the final round. This also meant that only two players were now left for the competition. But before the match, Cem Berk was the favorite player since he had always beat his opponents with clear scores before reaching the final round. Under this atmosphere, the games of the final round had started. In the first game of finals, Cem Berk made a big mistake that I took advantage of. I continued my advantage until the end of game and when my win had became clear in the endgame, Cem Berk had resigned. That was for sure a surprise for everyone watching the final round's first game. Because no one was expecting a win from me against such a strong player. After this match, Cem Berk was now stressed and his self-confidence was gone. More than that, in the second game, a draw was now enough for me and I did naturally play with a style for draw. Fortunately, Cem Berk's disappointment and panic in the 2nd game , going for a win (no other way) without patience had made my job easier and I was able to win the second game too. To make a long story short, the tournament  had ended with my 2-0 victory. But, of course, if Cem Berk had not made that mistake in the first game, it would have been much harder for me,  maybe the champion of this tournament would be Cem Berk.