Hi there,Wow, sounds like you've created a fantastic clan there!!  Congrats ... it's zoners like you who make this such a great place to hang out ;o)As for your "gate-crashers" ... that is an unfortunate by-product ofsuccess.  The bigger and better you become, the more others are going towant to take shots at you ;o(There is very little we can do about this tho.  Here are my suggestions: 1.   Whenever one of them cusses on the zone, using one of these nicks, get acopy of it and email it to me.  To make a copy of the chat, right click onit, choose "select all" then right click again, choose "copy" .. this putsit on your clipboard.  Then open notepad and do "edit/paste" and save thefile.   After a while, if enough evidence is gathered, we can petition forthe nick to be removed from the zone.2.  Don't provide fuel for them!  These kinds of people thrive on attention... that's what their trying to get.  Tell your members to ignore them,don't get aggravated, don't let them get to you.  Very often, after a while,these people will get bored and stop doing it.I wish you success and much fun playing on the zone ;o))+CalKat