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 Editor: Cevdet KIZIL  8/8/2008 6:01:47 AM
 Cevdetchess Turkish Section - Repaired Completely!
 All of the Turkish pages of Cevdetchess are now completely ready. We have fixed all of the problems and repaired all of our Turkish pages. The rich content of Cevdetchess and the variety of website functions did not let us to complete the repairing task earlier. So, we are very sorry for the delay. Thanks to all the chess lovers and Cevdetchess visitors for their patience and support. We could never progress so far and receive the required motivation without your feedback. Also please know that we are currently working on fixing the English section of our site. After completing the English pages, we are planning to concentrate on the updates. Thanks again for your support, motivation and help. Take care and have a great day all chess lovers! :)
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